Winter Storm

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Winter Storm".

Winter Storm (WIN Y1)
  • Intermediate
Harmony Icon C Clef Notaiton Icon Five Finger Icon Left Hand Icon

Program Notes

Winter Storm is an easy piano piece for new and beginning students to play. The piece should be played moderately fast and much attention should be given to playing the dotted eighth rhythm accurately. Playing the left hand arpeggiated bass pattern evenly while performing the right hand dotted eighth pattern will prove to be the most challenging aspect to teach and to play. Winter Storm also offers a good opportunity to learn about minor keys. The Paint with Piano notation uses “Do” clefs. The colored arrow points to the note “Do”. It should be pointed out to students that by changing all “Mi” notes to “Me, and all “La” note to “Le” this piece can be played in the minor key. The notes are colored red to represent the tonic harmony, blue to represent the dominant harmony, and yellow to represent the subdominant harmony.

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