Under the Starry Sky

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Under the Starry Sky (UND R1)
  • Difficult
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Program Notes

Under the Starry Sky (WoO 150) is a song composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven. The original piece has been greatly simplified in this arrangement to use only tonic and dominant chords. This is to allow new piano students to explore the piece with their teachers, or on their own. Arrangements of this piece with more fully realized harmonics will be made available in the Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Purple levels of the Paint with Piano curriculum. It is highly recommend that you also look up those pieces for study as your skill at the piano grows.


Abendlied unterm gestirnten Himmel

Wenn die Sonne niedersinket, Und der Tag zur Ruh sich neigt, Luna freundlich leise winket, Und die Nacht herniedersteigt;

Wenn die Sterne prächtig schimmern, Tausend Sonnenstrahlen flimmern: Fühlt die Seele sich so groß, Windet sich vom Staube los.

Schaut so gern nach jenen Sternen, Wie zurück ins Vaterland, Hin nach jenen lichten Fernen, Und vergißt der Erde Tand;

Will nur ringen, will nur streben, Ihre Hülle zu entschweben: Erde ist ihr eng und klein, Auf den Sternen möcht sie sein.

Ob der Erde Stürme toben, Falsches Glück den Bösen lohnt: Hoffend blicket sie nach oben, Wo der Sternenrichter thront.

Keine Furcht kann sie mehr quälen, Keine Macht kann ihr befehlen; Mit verklärtem Angesicht, Schwingt sie sich zum Himmelslicht.

Eine leise Ahnung schauert Mich aus jenen Welten an; Lange nicht mehr dauert Meine Erdenpilgerbahn,

Bald hab ich das Ziel errungen, Bald zu euch mich aufgeschwungen, Ernte bald an Gottes Thron Meiner Leiden schönen Lohn.


Evening song under a starry sky

When the sun sets and the day tilts to its rest, Luna beckons gently and kindly, and night descends.

When the stars gleam splendidly, and a thousand sunbeams shimmer: the soul feels so wonderful, it wrenches loose from the dust.

It gazes so gladly at those stars, as if it were looking back to its homeland; it gazes at those far things, and forgets all worldly trifles.

It wants only to struggle, it wants only to strive, and to float free of its mortal frame: the world is too narrow and small; among the stars would it like to live.

Whether earth's storms rage, or false fortune rewards evil, it gazes hopefully upward, to where the Star-judge sits enthroned.

No fear can torment it any longer, no power can command it; with a transfigured face, it soars upward toward the heavenly light.

A vague premonition creeps up on me from another world: not much longer will last my earthly pilgrimage.

Soon I will have attained my goal, soon I will have risen up to you. I will soon reap at God's throne the beautiful reward of my earthly sorrows.

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