The Elfin Fairies

Learn to play easy piano versions of "The Elfin Fairies".

The Elfin Fairies (ELF R1)
  • Intermediate
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Program Notes

The Elfin Fairies is an easy piano piece arranged for beginners in Paint with Piano notation. The source of this music is Beethoven’s little known “Irish Lieder” (Irische Lieder, WoO 152). The 1st movement of Beethoven’s Irish Lieder, “Die Elfin” tells tales of the Irish fairies known as Elfin as they delight in the light of day, casting spells and dancing while unseen by mortal eyes. They enjoy themselves and cause mischief until they rest at the close of the day.

This quick dance in three should be practiced very slowly, with great attention to the rhythmic difficulties and the challenges of changing the chords so quickly in the left hand. After the piece has been mastered at a slow tempo, the speed should be increased to a very fast beat. Beethoven’s original score (which can be downloaded at the IMSLP Database ) marks the tempo as “Vivace”.

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