The Cottage in the Woods

Learn to play easy piano versions of "The Cottage in the Woods".

The Cottage in the Woods (COT R1)
  • Intermediate
Tonic Harmony Icon Three Line Notation Icon Five Fingers Icon Three Quarter Time Icon

Program Notes

‘The Cottage in the Woods’ is an easy piece of piano music for new students and children written in Paint with Piano notation. Paint with Piano notation is colored music notation that aids the visual memory and is very easy to decode. It acts a stepping stone for students who are studying music and learning how to decode notation. Paint with Piano music should be thought of like a children’s book which contains limited vocabulary and pictures is a stepping stone to more difficult and longer narratives. This piece should be played at a moderate tempo in a relaxed fashion. The challenges are mostly a result of some of the difficult fingerings that the music demands. It will be important to discover and notate appropriate fingerings, so that the music is played consistently.

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