Mary Ann

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Mary Ann". A famous calypso song.

Mary Ann (ANN R1)
  • Intermediate
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Program Notes

Mary Ann, or ‘Marianne’ as it was originally called, was composed by Hubert Raphael Charles. Hubert went by his stage name “Roaring Lion” and made this calypso song famous in the middle of the 1900’s. Because of its simple catchy tune and rhyming lyrics, ’Marianne’ is often used to teach children music.

This Paint with Piano arrangement features hand drawn notation symbols and large, easy to read typesetting. The red wavy line under each measure indicates that the left hand should sustain a three note tonic chord in root position for the duration of the line. For a very young child a two-note tonic chord with the third removed can be substituted. The blue wavy line indicates that a dominant seventh chord in the first inversion (with the fifth omitted) should be sustained for the duration of the line. For very young children the third can also be omitted.

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Mary Ann Lyrics

All day all night is Mary Ann,
Down by the seaside, sifting sand.
Even little children love Mary Ann,
Down by the seaside, sifting sand.

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