Luke's Piece

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Luke's Piece (LUK R1)
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Program Notes

“Luke’s piece” is a three finger piece for new piano students to play that is arranged in Paint with Piano notation. Paint with Piano three finger notation is the best way to teach beginners to read music notation. The length of the note is represented by the length of the box. Shorter boxer are shorter sounds. Longer boxes are longer sounds. Boxes that are above the line are higher in pitch than boxes that are below the line. Generally, it is best to teach the student to use the three pitches, “mi”, “re” and “do” for the high middle and low boxes.

This piece was composed by Luke Smair. He used scissors and tape to cut out music notes and then paste them onto his score. You can listen t“Luke’s piece” by clicking the MP3 link above. If you are a teacher, and would like some Paint with Piano composition materials for your young students, please get in touch using the contact form below!

Luke Smair Composing

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