Chopsticks Sheet Music

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Chopsticks". A piece for new piano students.

Chopsticks (CHO R1)
  • Intermediate
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Program Notes

Chopsticks was originally composed with the name “The Celebrated Chop Waltz” by the Brittish composer Euphemia Allen. Allen went by the pen name Arthur de Lulli. Lulli was only sixteen when he wrote the piece. Lulli published thepiece with instructions that “the melody be played in two-part harmony with both hands held in a vertical orientation, little fingers down and palms facing each other, striking the keys with a chopping motion”.

Chopsticks is characterized by simple harmonic progressions, light rhythmic motifs, and a rising melodic line. This piece will become a favorite with students, and this arrangement of chopsticks for five finger easy piano is perfect for beginners.

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