Mary Had a Little Lamb (Variations)

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Mary Had a Little Lamb (Variations)".

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Program Notes

Mary Had a Little Lamb is a well-known children’s nursery rhyme. The familiar tune is often one of the first pieces a new piano students learns. This free PDF sheet music arrangement of Mary Had a Little Lamb for easy piano presents a fun and short set of variations on the popular tune. It is designed to be easy to teach, easy to learn, and fun to play. This piece should be performed from memory. The teacher’s job is to help the student decode the information in the music, and the student’s job is to diligently practice the patterns that are decoded until the order and performance of them is memorized. If the student forgets how to perform the music, they can use the sheet music as reference to aid their memory.

Teachers should turn their student’s attention straight away to the most difficult passage, the first six measures of page four. The Left hand walks in half note pulses from middle C to low F, alternating fingers one and two. The Right hand jumps from middle E to low G alternating fingers one and three in a sequence of thirds. After this passage has been mastered, the two remaining techniques should be demonstrated. On page four, measures 7-16, the technique of playing with half-steps divided between the 3rd fingers of the right hand on the white keys and left hand on the black keys can be demonstrated. On page five, measures 8-10, crossing the Right hand over the Left hand to jump to low C can be demonstrated. Once these techniques are mastered the student is ready to memorize the music put the whole piece together.

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