Clementi Sonatina Op. 36, No. 1

Download the Paint with Piano edition of "Clementi Sonatina Op. 36, No. 1".

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Program Notes

Muzio Clementi’s contribution to piano literature is far reaching. He was well known during his lifetime as a master of the piano. He built his own brand of piano, taught piano, composed piano music, and was known throughout the musical world as pianist with excellent technique who was capable of great depth of expression. His music has been studied and admired by the greatest of musical minds, including Ludwig van Beethoven and Vladimir Horwitz. His most impactful and well-known pieces continue to be his Opus 36 piano Sonatinas. These masterful miniature compositions are blueprints for the sonata form and are perfectly constructed to allow even beginner piano students to enjoy them with relative ease.

This special Paint with Piano edition of the Clementi Sonatina no.1 Op. 36 has been carefully researched from multiple sources and is designed for young pianists who are just learning to read music. The score is spaciously typeset to highlight formal elements of the music and to divide the piece into manageable practice sections. This also allows plenty room for notes and teacher comments.

The presentation of a text is important. This should be evident if you have ever observed a child pick up a book with small font and proclaim that the book is too difficult for them to read. Material for young readers should be published in a large and accessible format. Most editions of this Sonatina cram an absurd amount of music onto only one or two pages. By using this edition you will find that your students learn the music quicker and synthesize the structure of the piece easier.

This is provided as a free download for anyone to print and use. If you find yourself enjoying this special Paint with Piano PDF download of the Clementi Sonatina Op. 26. No. 1, please consider purchasing a bookstore bound copy for your studio or your students. It is inexpensive, will not get crumpled and lost (as tends to happen to print outs), and helps support the websites mission of providing piano teachers with the best free educational materials possible.


Note: The Mp3 recording is performed by Cory Hall. You can view his performance on youtube by clicking the link below.

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