Overture from Carmen

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Overture from Carmen" by Bizet.

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Program Notes

Carmen is an opera with music composed by Georges Bizet and a libretto written by Henri Melihac and Ludovic Halèvy. The story of the opera is based on a novella by Prosper Mèrimèe. Carmen is an opera-comique which tells the story of Don Josè and his gypsy lover Carmen. The music of the opera Carmen is well known as some of Bizet’s best work and is full tuneful melodies and exciting harmonies. The overture to Carman features two contrasting marches that are energetic and bright.

This easy piano arrangement of the overture from Carmen is available as a free PDF download for any teacher or student to use in their studies. The arrangement uses the Paint with Piano colored notation scheme to represent the harmonies and to aid the visual memory. Red blue and Yellow represent tonic, dominant, and subdominant functions respectively. The treble clef and bass clef have also been replaced with hand drawn “F” and “G” symbols to clarify the meaning of and structure of staff notation.

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