O My Field

Learn to play easy piano versions of "O My Field".

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Program Notes

O My Field is a Russian Folksong arranged for easy piano. This song is known in Russia as “Polyushko-polye”, or “По́люшко-по́ле”. The music was written in 1934 by Lev Knipper, and was originally published in his symphonic poem “A Poem about a Komsomol Soldier” (Поэма о бойце-комсомольце).

This beautiful and interesting melody is a study in how to properly use the melodic minor scale. It features an angular meandering theme that is supported by simple flowing harmonic progression. This easy piano of arrangement of “O My field” focuses on finding and playing chord shapes with both the Left and Right hands. The colored notation makes the music easy to read, and the additional symbols used in the score for braces, clefs, and time signatures clarify the intention of the musical notation as well as offering the opportunity for further study and discussion in the piano lesson.

Paint with Piano is a colored music notation system that simplifies the grand staff to help new students read and hear music. The three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) represent the three primary musical functions rest, tension, and support (tonic, dominant, subdominant). Black notes represent non-harmonic tones and secondary colors are sometimes used when two functions can be combined in the same chord (ie. The submediant or mediant). Green is reserved for all applied chord functions, including N6, Aug6, modal mixture, and all secondary dominants.

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