Maple Leaf Rag

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Maple Leaf Rag" by Scott Joplin.

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Program Notes

This is an easy piano arrangement of Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag. The Maple Leaf Rag comes from the genre music called rag time which is known for its “ragged” rhythms. Rag time music began as a dance form in St Louis and New Orleans around 1900. Scott Joplin is the most well known composer of rag time music, and it was this piece, which was originally published in 1899 when Joplin was 32 years old, that helped to make him famous.

It can be challenging to play the “ragged” rhythms (also called syncopation) in the Maple Leaf Rag. The included technique exercises take out the “ragged” rhythms, and replace them with straight rhythms. It is highly recommended that you begin your practice with the technique exercises. They will be easier to learn and read in the beginning. After mastering the technique exercises, compare them to the original song and note how the “ragged rhythms” alter the way the music looks and sounds.

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