Mantua Dance

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Mantua Dance".

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Program Notes

This arrangement of "Mantua Dance" for easy piano is perfect for new piano students. The colored notation makes the harmony easy to follow. This arrangement includes the same piece in three different keys for additional practice. Also, technique exercises which correspond to the most difficult passages of the piece can be found at the back of each score. This popular Italian folksong is very old, and is used around the world in many different contexts. The song is most well known as the National anthem of Israel, "Hatikvah". An arrangement of this tune by Giuseppe Cenci, knwon as "Fuggi, Fuggi, Fuggi" is one of the earliest known appearances of this folk song in print.. His music is set to the following text:

Fuggi fuggi fuggi da questo cielo
asp're duro spietato e gielo
tu ch'il tutto i prigioni e leghi
ne per pianto ti frangi o pieghi
fier tiranno giel dell'anno
fuggi fuggi fuggi la dove il verno
su le brine ha seggio eterno

Vieni vieni candida
vien vermiglia
tu del mondo sei maraviglia
tu nemica d'amare noie
da ad anima delle gioie
messaggiera per primeravera
tu sei dell'anno la giovinezza
tu del mondo sei la vaghezza.

English translation:

Flee, flee, flee from this sky,
harsh and unyielding, relentless and freezing;
you, who shackle all in prison
neither bending nor breaking in tears.
You, the year's cruel, frozen tyrant,
flee, flee, flee to wherever the eternal winter
places its throne over the frost.

Come [flowers and blossoms],
come white, come vermilion.
You are a marvel for the world
and the nemesis of all things dreary.
Give joy to the soul
through your message of spring.
You are the youth of the year
and the beauty of the world.

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