Magnetic Rag

Learn to play easy piano versions of "Magnetic Rag" by Scott Joplin.

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Program Notes

Magnetic Rag is a piece by Scott Joplin in the ragtime style of piano composition. It was his last published piece, appearing only three years before his death in 1917. Joplin write the piece while he was ill with a disease, and so, likely due to his melancholy mood, this piece reflects a kind of seriousness that is not heard in Joplin’s other ragtime pieces. While most of Joplin’s ragtime is lighthearted and upbeat, this piece is slower, and makes use of the minor key. This piece is also a rare example of a cyclic rag, which means the main theme is repeated at the end of the composition.

This easy piano arrangement of Scott Joplin’s Magnetic Rag is perfect for student recitals. The music is spaciously typeset to make it easy to read and color coded to aid the visual memory. The chord progressions have been reduced to fit smaller hands and the hand drawn notation symbols for teachers and students to talk about the music.

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