Learn to play easy piano versions of Beethoven's "Adagio".

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  • Intermediate
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Program Notes

The Adagio from Beethoven’s “Pathetique” sonata is one of the most beloved pieces in classical music literature. This tasteful arrangement of the Beethoven adagio theme for easy piano captures the beauty of the original piece, while simplifying it for younger students. The piece has been written in C major for ease of reading, and includes simple, clean, and elegant parts for the right hand and left hand that can easily be worked on separately. The colorful notation aids the visual memory and features hand drawn notation symbols, customized typesetting, and a useful color scheme to represent harmonic function. This piece is sure to be loved by students and teachers alike, and is perfectly suited for a performance or evaluation.

ADA 01

This arrangement contains the complete 2nd movement of the Adagio. It is the most challenging to play and contains many c lef changes, a variety of chords and patterns, and requires a wide range of dynamic contrast.

ADA 02

This arrangement contains only the first theme of the Adagio. It is easier to play than ADA 01 and require less time to learn. Chose this arrangement for newer students, or students who are not yet able to commit to learning a lengthy piece of music.

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