The Blue Danube Wlatz

Learn to play easy piano versions of "The Blue Danube Wlatz".

The Blue Danube Wlatz (BLU B1)
  • Intermediate
Harmony Icon Four Line Notaiton Icon Right Hand Icon Three Quarter Time Icon

Program Notes

Composed by Johann Strauss II in 1866, this piece is one of the most well-known cclassical music composition ever written. It was originally give the German title An der schönen blauen Donau (“By the Beautiful Blue Danube”). The piece takes its title from a poem by the poet Karl Isidor Beck who was from Hungary, and wrote about the Danube River, which flows 1,189 miles through many countries, including Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Moldova, and the Ukraine. This music has elegant simplicity, and this arrangement for easy piano is a perfect for beginner piano students. The colorful notation represents the harmony and aids the visual memory. The range of the melody has been has been reduced to make it easier to play.

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