Learn to play easy piano versions of "Peddlers".

Peddlers (PED B1)
  • Intermediate
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Program Notes

Most listeners will know “Peddlers” (Korobeiniki in Russian) from the 1989 game “Tetris” from Nintendo Entertainment where it appeared as the “Type A” gameplay theme music. This arrangement for easy piano of the “Tetris theme”. Is good for new piano students who are still learning the basics of reading and playing music, and is suitable for easy recital and evaluation music.

Korobeiniki (Russian)

Oy polnym polna mоya korobushka
Yest' i sitets i parcha.
Pozhaley, dusha-zaznobushka,
Molodetskogo plecha.

Vyydu, vyydu v rozh' vysokuyu,
Tam do nochki pogozhu,
Kak zavizhu chernookuyu,
Vse tovary razlozhu.

Tseny sam platil nemalyye,
Ne torguysya, ne skupis',
Podstavlyay-ka gubki alyye,
Blizhe k molodtsu sadis'.

Peddlers (English)

Oh, my crate is so full,
I've got chintz and brocade.
Take pity, oh sweety,
Of this lad's shoulder

I will, I will go out into the tall rye,
I will wait there till the night comes,
Once I see the dark-eyed lass,
I will showcase all my goods.

I paid no small price myself,
So don't bargain or be stingy,
Bring your scarlet lips to me,
Sit closer to this fine lad.

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