paint with Piano News 11-23-14

Paint with Piano in 2015

The Paint with Piano elves are officially on vacation starting December 23rd. For one week, they will not be writing HTML code, arranging little boxes of music, or recording MP3 files. They will be spending time with family. But they are looking forward to coming back in 2015 to continue their important work on this modular, crowd-sourced, open ended piano curriculum.

Expect lots of new things in 2015.

A strong foundation for the red, blue, and yellow levels.
25 of 45 planned pieces have already been uploaded to the online database. After all 45 pieces have been uploaded, the Paint with Piano elves will tackle some custom arrangements that have already been requested. For example, there has been a request to rewrite the Red music with halved note values. I am... I mean, the Paint with Piano elves, are super excited to do this. It is in the Paint with Piano spirit of providing teachers a platform to teach, rather than putting them in a box. The curriculum should meet your needs, you should never have to wish you could change something about the curriculum you are using, you should just be able to change it. Also, many more pieces will be added. Anything the PwP elves (or any music teacher or student using this site) can think of. From “Turkey in the Straw” to Beethoven’s “Bagatelles”.
Teacher helps will be added.
The teacher guide is well underway. It will be a colorful, fully illustrated guide to all the ins and outs of using Paint with Piano to help your students become better musicians. Once this is finished, the website tour, FAQ, and help sections will be opened up.
Additional red, blue, and yellow materials.
Practice sheets, incentive programs, music currencies, studio organizers, progress trackers, and more supplementary front matter will be added to the site.
Custom book and music order pages.
Customized publications made especially for you. Any combination of pieces or arrangements can be personalized with special front and back matter. Practice charts, name pages, completion certificates, front cover, back cover, and more can all be personalized.

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