paint with Piano News 11-23-14

Welcome to paint with Piano 2.0

It has been a few months since the last update. The first reason is that my wife and I just became first-time parents!

Marshall Douglass Devine

That slowed progress on paint with Piano down (just a little). The second reason is that paint with Piano is entering a new phase of its development. I have had lots of great feedback on the curriculum over the past 6 months. The feedback has resulted in many positive changes that will be coming to paint with Piano. It was necessary to redefine the difficultly curve of all the materials and begin developing more flexible grading rubrics. This also led to the idea of rebuilding the website. I built the first paint with Piano website about 12 months ago. I had never written HTML before, and I learned a lot during that process. My improved command of HTML and my vision for the curriculum resulted in this new website.

Right now, paintwithPiano 2.0 will have far fewer resources than the previous website. For those of you looking for the old content that was available on paintwithPiano 1.0, you will have to get in touch to request a specific resource. Or, you can wait until it is all converted to the ne format in the next few months. But bear in mind that the second iteration of the curriculum that is currently being rolled out includes a new format, new teaching materials, new grading rubrics, and new incentive programs that are incompatible with the previous format.

You will notice a lot of “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” signs on the new website for a while. This new website provides a stronger platform for content creation, and the resources will be better organized and more accessible. Expect frequent content updates. I am excited about the launch of the new website, and am really looking forward to fulfilling my vision of a useful, free, modular piano curriculum that is fit for 21st century piano studies.

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